Use Case

Understanding physical climate hazards and opportunity

Key Question

What assets does BMO have that are at risk to physical climate hazards?

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BMO's Climate Institute was launched in March 2021 as part of their Climate Ambition. The Institute applies scientific and analytics expertise to better understand risks and opportunities of a changing climate and the transition. To aid this process, BMO partnered with SpatiaFi, a technology partner that leverages big data through Earth observation platforms such as satellite imagery and rigorous scientific models.

By synthesizing large amounts of data and utilizing advanced analytical capabilities, such as artificial intelligence, SpatiaFi is able to provide BMO with an understanding of potential climate risks and opportunities in the future.

BMO is now using SpatiaFi across a variety of use cases to identify potential climate hazards and opportunities that could be relevant to clients and operations. This includes a wide range of possible climate-related issues, such as increased flooding, drought, extreme weather events, or long-term shifts in temperature and precipitation patterns.

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More Client Use Cases

SpatiaFi works with global leaders committed to helping build a sustainable, resilient financial system.


Billions of dollars are available to fund sustainable activities. How can NatWest support farmers to gain access to these funds to support their sustainability transitions?

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SC Johnson

The weather conditions that support mosquito development are changing leading to new vectors for disease transmission. How can SCJ better predict mosquito populations in a changing climate?

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Dun & Bradstreet

Extreme events such as drought, wildfire, and flood are having material impacts on companies, presenting new risks of default. Can Dun & Bradstreet incorporate this new climate reality into its credit risk scoring?

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Bank of Canada

Droughts have multi billion dollars impacts on the Canadian economy. How can the Bank of Canada predict the financial impacts of droughts before they happen so that they can take action?

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CN Rail

Railways are hit by extreme events that are increasing in frequency and severity. How can CN better identify and predict events that will impact them?

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