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Biodiversity provides key services such as air, water, climate regulation, pollination, and more. SpatiaFi's biodiversity data helps organizations address new regulations and opportunities for finance.


The loss of biodiversity has far-reaching economic impacts. As biodiversity decreases, ecosystems lose their ability to provide critical services, such as pollination of crops, water filtration, carbon sequestration, and protection from natural disasters. Biodiversity loss can also have indirect economic impacts by exacerbating climate change and water scarcity, which can disrupt economic activities across many sectors.

Regulatory focus on nature-related risks including TNFD disclosures are increasing and new incentivization programs are being deployed to mitigate nature-related risks and promote more sustainable business practices.

SpatiaFi's Biodiversity and Nature related risk package offers a suite of data sets that can be used to help organizations track and manage their exposure to biodiversity risks, help promote the protection of ecosystems, and deliver key insights for regulatory reporting.

Regulatory Reporting
TNFD, EU Taxonomy, EU CSRD
Reduce Greenwashing
Use observation based data to support green claims
Risk Reduction
Reduce the risks associated with biodiversity impacts
Protect Resources
Protect fundamental economic resources


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Datasets associated with the Biodiversity and Nature Related Risks

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Geographical coverage for the Biodiversity and Nature Related Risk package
Global for most datasets.