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Data Packages

SpatiaFi offers packaged data sets as 'modules' to support specific use cases for physical climate risk, biodiversity and nature related risk, extreme event asset monitoring, and sustainable finance.

Data Modules

Packaged data sets for targeted use cases

SpatiaFi has packaged data sets together in modules to meet specific use cases. These are done to help support our client's to quickly gain value of SpatiaFi to support regulatory reporting, risk reductions, and sustainable finance products. More modules will be coming down the pipe so stay in contact to learn more.
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Purpose driven

SpatiaFi's mission is to connect environmental data to economic systems. The technology, data, and product is focused on transparency and enabling action in a rapidly changing planet.

1 Billion + batch locations

Combined with SpatiaFi's batch processors, all modules can be run across a billion + locations at a time for truly global coverage.

40 million + company assets

With over 40M public and private company locations in the United States alone, SpatiaFi connects climate insights to enable Physical Risk Assessment, Supply Chain Monitoring, Equity Research, and Reporting. Global asset data will be available soon.

Insights via API

SpatiaFi delivers unique insights as data feeds and on demand using a REST API built on Google Cloud.