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SpatiaFi, in collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet, offers the largest asset database in the world with over 250 million business locations including associated industry codes, revenue, employee numbers and more.


Location data can play an innovative role in financial analysis by revealing insights between climate conditions and economic activities. Climate risks and opportunities for sustainability are inherently location specific. Managing risks, complying with regulations, and investing in sustainability are spatial problems as they require knowing (1) where things are, and (2) what is happening there.

SpatiaFi offers: 

250 Million+ Active Business Locations

50 Thousand+ Publicly Traded Companies

200 Million Private Companies

Every Major Financial Exchange

Location data includes a long list of attributes including address (lat/long), revenue, employees, industry, sectors (over 18,000 SIC codes), Branch/Parent Relationships, and more.

By merging location data with Earth data, data science and quant teams can build more accurate credit and physical risk models, portfolio managers can better manage risks to their investments, equity researchers can better deliver insights, and ESG and Sustainability teams can develop more reliable annual reports.

250 Million
Business Locations
50 Thousand
Publicly Traded Companies
200 Million
Private Companies
Stock Exchanges
Every Major Financial Exchange


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